Apparitions & Ghosts

It is odd that the dying who experience visions of loved ones and friends in  the days before they pass away, overwhelmingly appear to see people, or pets who have already passed away, rather than the living.

On the ‘people/pets’ issue, these visions display a interesting resemblance with so called ‘hypnopompic’ hallucinations, which are sometimes seen upon waking. Despite the ‘hallucination’ label they have been given, I’ve seen no particularly satisfying explanation as to why the fully formed, full colour, type hypnopompic experience, is also overwhelmingly of people or animals, and very rarely of inanimate everyday objects. Continue reading


Competitive Human Behaviour

I know psychologists may define ‘competition‘ as an attempt to provide…

an advantage to the individual at the expense of others

…but are they right? I’m not convinced.

In the UK we are born into a world where we are told that competition is good, the ‘free market’ rules, and monopolies are bad. Competitive environments certainly seem to be productive environments where people may work very hard indeed. Continue reading