I’ve have had one, what I consider to be, ‘telepathic experience’ in my life, which I will relate below. It is so unusual, was verified to be accurate, and also witnessed, that I have little option to accept that it is entirely possible to come into posession of information in a way that is outside of our current scientific understanding.

My father had purchased a terraced house on the other side of town, with the intention of setting up an Accountancy practice. The council had refused planning permission for an office in that area, so the house had been left empty whilst he appealed.

I was aged around 12, and was going through puberty at the time. I awoke in terror, in the early hours of one morning, after having what seemed like a nightmare, but the content of which had a noticeably different and unusual quality. Continue reading


The trouble with F William Engdahl

I really like F William Engdahl, much of his research has opened my eyes on the subjects of geopolitics, energy, and the Anglo-American hegemonic relationship. Although much of what he says is correct, he often omits to mention the actions of other important players in the geopolitical game, in particular Russia, China and Germany. Continue reading