NDE is probably due to an exposed brain…

As some of you will know, I believe that the classic NDE (cardiac arrest in hospital) is the result of one or more third parties, laying down a pattern on the experients brain whilst it has become more exposed to external fields, due to a loss in power of it’s endogenous EM field.

What I’ve tried to show in the very simplistic diagram below are two experients existing patterns, one sad, the other angry, which are overlayed by an external third parties pattern. In each case the differences between these patterns is processed by the experient, resulting in an NDE that attempts to understand and incorporate the differences.

Fig 1. External fields intersecting an exposed brain, lay down a new pattern which is processed.

Fig 1. External fields intersecting an exposed brain, lay down a new pattern which is processed, and the differences are understood in terms of the NDE.

Each experient understands and incorporates the new pattern in their own way, the angry experient has a repelling experience (red), and the sad experient has an attractive experience (green). However, both experients are simply trying to incorporate the new pattern, and understand it in the most appropriate way.


Induced OBE’s cause memory impairment when recalling experience

induced_OBE_photoEhrsson’s team have published an interesting new paper in which they claim that a subjects experiences whilst in an induced OBE state, can later be shown as impaired, when the subject is asked to recall the experience in a normal (none OBE) state. Continue reading

“Opening Heaven’s Door” A New Book from Patricia Pearson


Canada based author and journalist Patricia Pearson has a new book coming out May 2014 provocatively entitled “Opening Heaven’s Door: investigating stories of life, death and what comes after”. Patricia has spent over 5 years researching her book, motivated by her strange experiences around the time she lost both her father and sister – recounted at a recent TEDx presentation she was asked to speak at. Patricia began her investigation because she couldn’t find any reasonable explanation for her experiences within our current scientific understanding of the world. Continue reading

New Book on Near Death Experiences.

the-wisdom-of-ndes-coverA new book on near death experiences by Dr Penny Sartori entitled “The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences” is now out (You can order it here from Amazon).

Dr Sartori asks us to read her book with an open mind. To put aside polarising issues concerning whether or not recalled near-death experiences indicate there is an afterlife, or, whether they are merely the result of a brain malfunction.

Instead she argues that these experiences often have very real relevance to the experient, Continue reading

Near-Death & Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind


For two particular reasons, I sometimes find myself returning to read Kenneth Ring’s excellent 1997 paper “Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind: A Study of Apparent Eyeless Vision“.

1) Hidden away in this paper is a quote which I’ve always found really interesting from perhaps his best congenitally blind subject, Vicki, who said she was never able to discriminate colours during her OBE NDE, but only “…different shades of brightness…”. Continue reading

NDE hasn’t changed that much in over 2000 years?

When I visited the Etruscan tombs in Tarquina, Italy a couple of years ago, I was interested in wall paintings from the second half of the 3rd Century BC, showing the dead tomb owner

…preceded by a child and followed by Vanth-Etruscan female demon of death fitted with torch to light up the dark way to the afterlife. The dead person arrives in front of the Hades door, in front of which Caronte is seated on a rock, as the dead person is received by two members of the family already dead…

I felt there were quite a few similarities with the modern day classic NDE. Over 2200 years have past since this wall painting was made, and it was pretty awe inspiring to stand in front of it. Made me wonder whether the underlying NDE concepts have really changed that much since then.


Near-Death Experiences and their After effects: 18 Cases from Japan

Mika Iwasaki, and Tatsu Hirukawa flew over from Japan to present their research on 18 new Japanese Near Death Experience (NDE) at the 2013 SPR Annual Conference. Their intention is to try to reinvigorate this type of research, which has lapsed in Japan.

I don’t really know very much about the Japanese NDE, but the 18 NDE’s which they presented, appeared to me to be pretty indistinguishable from western NDE’s, contrary to what I had been expecting. They featured the bright light and tunnel etc. (communication was quite difficult with the team, so I can’t be absolutely definite). I was expecting to hear descriptions of recalled imagery which included ‘caves’ (as opposed to a tunnel), demonstrating the different cultural imagery between the Japanese and the classic western NDE.

Mika and Tatsu kindly provided us all with a hand-out containing a summary of the main points of their presentation. You can download a PDF scan of it I made here: NDE_18_cases_from_japan.pdf