‘Field type’ inheritance effects?

miceI’m still surprised that the 2011 paper by Nestler et. al. “Paternal Transmission of Stress-Induced Pathologies” hasn’t received more consideration.

Eric Nestler wanted to remove any possible contact by the defeated rodent fathers, with the impregnated female rodent, so used IVF. Comparing the results against defeated rodent fathers who conceived naturally. The offspring never meet their father in all the experiments.

Nestler assumed that if the transmission was really Epigenetic, (through the sperm of the rodent father) there would be no difference between the inheritance effect in IVF offspring, compared to naturally conceived offspring.

However, he found a big difference between the inheritance effect in IVF, compared to natural conception. The problem is he still found an inheritance effect in IVF, just more subdued. Indicating something much more complex is going on. Continue reading


NDE hasn’t changed that much in over 2000 years?

When I visited the Etruscan tombs in Tarquina, Italy a couple of years ago, I was interested in wall paintings from the second half of the 3rd Century BC, showing the dead tomb owner

…preceded by a child and followed by Vanth-Etruscan female demon of death fitted with torch to light up the dark way to the afterlife. The dead person arrives in front of the Hades door, in front of which Caronte is seated on a rock, as the dead person is received by two members of the family already dead…

I felt there were quite a few similarities with the modern day classic NDE. Over 2200 years have past since this wall painting was made, and it was pretty awe inspiring to stand in front of it. Made me wonder whether the underlying NDE concepts have really changed that much since then.