Your sense of ‘space’

Here’s a diagram (Fig. 1.) I produced during 2013, to aid me in thinking about the relationships between the sense of space I experience with different states/senses during wakefulness.

When I say, ‘sense of space’, what I’m really talking about is my perception of the location for each of these states/senses, in relation to where my sense of ‘self’ is currently located. If your not sure what I’m talking about, don’t give up, it should become clearer as you read more.

Ordering of my perceptions, according to the sense of space they produce.

Fig. 1. Ordering of my perceptions, according to the sense of space they produce.

Note that the scaling of the diagram, and the positioning/ordering of the labels are completely arbitrary. It’s my own idea, I don’t know if it has any validity, or indeed whether others have already documented these relationships in the past. Continue reading


Sheldrake vs UBC – the same experiment?

ouijaHelene Gauchou and Ronald Rensink at University of British Columbia published a paper back in 2012 titled “Expression of nonconscious knowledge via ideomotor actions” in which they used a Ouija board to access unconscious knowledge in blindfolded subjects. I read this paper back then, but obviously didn’t understand it’s significance at that time. Here’s a link to their paper: Continue reading

Near-Death & Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind


For two particular reasons, I sometimes find myself returning to read Kenneth Ring’s excellent 1997 paper “Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind: A Study of Apparent Eyeless Vision“.

1) Hidden away in this paper is a quote which I’ve always found really interesting from perhaps his best congenitally blind subject, Vicki, who said she was never able to discriminate colours during her OBE NDE, but only “…different shades of brightness…”. Continue reading