Induced OBE’s cause memory impairment when recalling experience

induced_OBE_photoEhrsson’s team have published an interesting new paper in which they claim that a subjects experiences whilst in an induced OBE state, can later be shown as impaired, when the subject is asked to recall the experience in a normal (none OBE) state. Continue reading


Sheldrake vs UBC – the same experiment?

ouijaHelene Gauchou and Ronald Rensink at University of British Columbia published a paper back in 2012 titled “Expression of nonconscious knowledge via ideomotor actions” in which they used a Ouija board to access unconscious knowledge in blindfolded subjects. I read this paper back then, but obviously didn’t understand it’s significance at that time. Here’s a link to their paper: Continue reading

“Opening Heaven’s Door” A New Book from Patricia Pearson


Canada based author and journalist Patricia Pearson has a new book coming out May 2014 provocatively entitled “Opening Heaven’s Door: investigating stories of life, death and what comes after”. Patricia has spent over 5 years researching her book, motivated by her strange experiences around the time she lost both her father and sister – recounted at a recent TEDx presentation she was asked to speak at. Patricia began her investigation because she couldn’t find any reasonable explanation for her experiences within our current scientific understanding of the world. Continue reading

New Book on Near Death Experiences.

the-wisdom-of-ndes-coverA new book on near death experiences by Dr Penny Sartori entitled “The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences” is now out (You can order it here from Amazon).

Dr Sartori asks us to read her book with an open mind. To put aside polarising issues concerning whether or not recalled near-death experiences indicate there is an afterlife, or, whether they are merely the result of a brain malfunction.

Instead she argues that these experiences often have very real relevance to the experient, Continue reading

Near-Death & Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind


For two particular reasons, I sometimes find myself returning to read Kenneth Ring’s excellent 1997 paper “Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind: A Study of Apparent Eyeless Vision“.

1) Hidden away in this paper is a quote which I’ve always found really interesting from perhaps his best congenitally blind subject, Vicki, who said she was never able to discriminate colours during her OBE NDE, but only “…different shades of brightness…”. Continue reading

IVF sperm donors can pass their last memories to children who are conceived following the donors death


Dias & Ressler’s new paper which indicates that fear conditioned memories from male IVF donor mice can be inherited by both their children, as well as their grandchildren, even though they had been killed by the IVF harvesting procedure, some time before their offspring were even conceived.

Continue reading

‘Field type’ inheritance effects?

miceI’m still surprised that the 2011 paper by Nestler et. al. “Paternal Transmission of Stress-Induced Pathologies” hasn’t received more consideration.

Eric Nestler wanted to remove any possible contact by the defeated rodent fathers, with the impregnated female rodent, so used IVF. Comparing the results against defeated rodent fathers who conceived naturally. The offspring never meet their father in all the experiments.

Nestler assumed that if the transmission was really Epigenetic, (through the sperm of the rodent father) there would be no difference between the inheritance effect in IVF offspring, compared to naturally conceived offspring.

However, he found a big difference between the inheritance effect in IVF, compared to natural conception. The problem is he still found an inheritance effect in IVF, just more subdued. Indicating something much more complex is going on. Continue reading