Anger as thousands of Skeptiko-forum posts deleted without warning!

Many regular members of the official Skeptiko-forum have today posted messages of dismay, after waking up to find thousands of forum messages had been deleted overnight:

“…this is sad, can it be undone..”

“…Really sad development..”

“…I can’t believe it. All those posts…”

“…To be frank, I find this action outrageous…”

“…symbolic of how Skeptiko went from a place of serious scholarship to a rag peddling silly conspiracy theory nonsense…”

“Well that’s a terrible thing to do. boo….”

“…isn’t it rash to just delete all those threads that so many people contributed to…” Continue reading


Induced OBE’s cause memory impairment when recalling experience

induced_OBE_photoEhrsson’s team have published an interesting new paper in which they claim that a subjects experiences whilst in an induced OBE state, can later be shown as impaired, when the subject is asked to recall the experience in a normal (none OBE) state. Continue reading