Anger as thousands of Skeptiko-forum posts deleted without warning!

Many regular members of the official Skeptiko-forum have today posted messages of dismay, after waking up to find thousands of forum messages had been deleted overnight:

“…this is sad, can it be undone..”

“…Really sad development..”

“…I can’t believe it. All those posts…”

“…To be frank, I find this action outrageous…”

“…symbolic of how Skeptiko went from a place of serious scholarship to a rag peddling silly conspiracy theory nonsense…”

“Well that’s a terrible thing to do. boo….”

“…isn’t it rash to just delete all those threads that so many people contributed to…”

At the time of writing, there has still been no official comment by Skeptio-forum owner Alex Tsakiris about the sudden and unexpected decision to delete so many posts from the forum stretching back over many years. However, the only remaining Skeptiko-forum moderator David Bailey, seemed less surprised, suggesting that he had been aware that Alex was thinking of doing this “…this is really Alex’s brainchild, and although I knew he was thinking about it, I certainly didn’t realise it would happen so abruptly, or that it would destroy so much information…”

My own ability to post to the official Skeptiko forums under the user name ‘Max_b’ was revoked by Tsakiris last month, along with a number of other regular posters, after members questioned the moderating teams recent decisions to ban posters and delete threads. Laird the second member of the two person moderating team also unexpectedly announced his own resignation a few days later, suggesting there were irreconcilable differences between himself and Tsakiris, and that they had parted ways “…due to a difference of opinion on moderation principles and policy…”.

Laird had only recently developed a new wiki indexing and cataloging system for the official Skeptiko-forum, to help organize the huge number of threads by subject matter. Much of this work now seems redundant, as many of the forum threads to which the index pointed have been deleted.

The overnight decision by Tsakiris to delete so many forum threads came without any warning, preventing members from copying any of their own forum posts that they might wish to save, leading to angry comments from some forum members:

“…It’s despicable behaviour from Alex, nasty selfish behaviour. No good will come of it…”

“…Perhaps it is time to move away from a site where one person can decide without consultation to wipe out the records years of conversations and debates…”

If you’ve been affected, or you read the skeptiko-forum, let us know what you think by replying below.


5 thoughts on “Anger as thousands of Skeptiko-forum posts deleted without warning!

    • I think contributing to Skeptiko’s discussions in any way is a mistake, you have to make your forum work. but on the other hand, feel free to make brief posts if you want to syphon up some of Skeptiko’s traffic by putting in your signatures.

  1. And, I need to add, everyone is welcome to Psience Quest as well. We need new members on both new communities, so the legacy of Skeptiko – once the greatest alternatives-and-controversies debate community on the Web.

    I wish good luck to both new forums.

  2. Skeptiko never was a balanced debate community. They banned skeptics, made fun of them or limited them to one section of the forum. The best thing skeptiko can do it be closed down.

    Internationalskeptics forum is better than Skeptiko, they hardly ban anyone over there.

    • I tried to join internationalskeptics forum after being stopped from posting on Skeptiko, but my application was rejected. Since then, some Skeptiko forum members have set up with an open door policy on new members, and without Skeptiko’s repressive moderation regime, so that’s my new home.

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