“Opening Heaven’s Door” A New Book from Patricia Pearson


Canada based author and journalist Patricia Pearson has a new book coming out May 2014 provocatively entitled “Opening Heaven’s Door: investigating stories of life, death and what comes after”. Patricia has spent over 5 years researching her book, motivated by her strange experiences around the time she lost both her father and sister – recounted at a recent TEDx presentation she was asked to speak at. Patricia began her investigation because she couldn’t find any reasonable explanation for her experiences within our current scientific understanding of the world.

I confess I have a personal interest in Patricia’s new book. She and I corresponded a little during 2013, because she wished to include my own childhood Out-of-Body experience within it. I found the excerpt she sent me from her original book proposal made for riveting reading, and so I agreed.

Apparently Patricia discovered that far more people were having uncanny and transcendent experiences than generally let on: roughly half the bereaved population, plus all those who observe the dying (nurses, hospice workers, soldiers, etc.).

With many years of examination into current grief research under her belt, she believes that we cannot simply deprive people the legitimacy of these experiences until there is more solid evidence that ‘we inhabit a purely material and mechanistic universe’.

I looking forward to reading about her investigations, and her own conclusions on the meaning behind similar subjective human experiences. You can pre-order the hard-back version from amazon.co.uk here.


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