New Book on Near Death Experiences.

the-wisdom-of-ndes-coverA new book on near death experiences by Dr Penny Sartori entitled “The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences” is now out (You can order it here from Amazon).

Dr Sartori asks us to read her book with an open mind. To put aside polarising issues concerning whether or not recalled near-death experiences indicate there is an afterlife, or, whether they are merely the result of a brain malfunction.

Instead she argues that these experiences often have very real relevance to the experient, and so should be acknowledged and witnessed as important by those in the medical community who have contact with the experient, rather then being ignored, or worse sometimes trivialized.

Dr Sartori re-presents the results of her 5 year clinical study into the NDE’s of hospitalized intensive care patients in a more condensed format. Somewhat dry in presentation, it is interspersed with examples of new recalled experiences that attempt to lighten the writing style. Indeed, her book sometimes reads more like an academic text book, and perhaps at the end of the day, her book probably ‘is’ targeted at the medical professional.

She challenges the medical community (indeed our whole western society) to consider how they deal with the patients (and relations) of those within their care who are dying – particularly the elderly – so that they are not robbed of the right to have their own NDE, and that they die as dignified, peaceful, and comfortable a death as possible – surrounded by family and friends where practical.

Dr Sartori suggests that we ‘rethink’ how we deal with death and the process of dying, both personally, and in society. That exposing death and the dying process as an important part of living, might allow us to live our lives more fully.


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