I’ve have had one, what I consider to be, ‘telepathic experience’ in my life, which I will relate below. It is so unusual, was verified to be accurate, and also witnessed, that I have little option to accept that it is entirely possible to come into posession of information in a way that is outside of our current scientific understanding.

My father had purchased a terraced house on the other side of town, with the intention of setting up an Accountancy practice. The council had refused planning permission for an office in that area, so the house had been left empty whilst he appealed.

I was aged around 12, and was going through puberty at the time. I awoke in terror, in the early hours of one morning, after having what seemed like a nightmare, but the content of which had a noticeably different and unusual quality.

I had dreamt that I was on the street at night, at the rear of this property. The green  wooden paneled yard gate off the street was unfastened, and was opening and banging shut again, and again, in the wind. I approached the gate and the gate opened, the peeling paint and grain of the timber was shown in incredible detail. I couldn’t however see my hand, or any part of my body. As the gate swung open revealing the small back yard, I noticed that the white half-panel kitchen door had been pushed completely open, leaving just a dark rectangular hole in the wall. The top opening pane of the small kitchen window was also broken, and partly open. As I moved towards the door opening, fear started to build in me. My vision centered on the kitchen step, as I reached the threshold I was looking right down at the step, and the fear became incredible, yet I could not see any feet or legs, and as I crossed the threshold I woke up in terror.

The next morning I still recalled the dream in detail, and I did something unusual – I acted on the dream (I have never acted on a dream before or since this event). I immediately went downstairs and told dad about the dream whilst he was having his breakfast. I explained the dreams unusual quality, and made clear that I believed that something had happened to the property, pestering him to drive over to it immediately.

Dad finished his breakfast, and decided to indulge me, as he hadn’t checked on the property for a while anyway. My dad, myself and my two elder brothers, drove over to the house. We pulled up at the rear of the property, opposite the green gate, which was indeed blowing open and shut in the wind, both my brothers turned to look at me in the car, and pulled ‘spooky’ faces at me. We left the car and entered the back yard through the gate, to find the kitchen door wide open, because it had been pushed right back against the kitchen units so that it was not visible. The top pane of the kitchen window was also broken and slightly open, just as in my dream. We entered the house to find water gushing through the ground floor ceiling, and the beginnings of mould on the dining room carpet. It became clear that the house was broken into some days before, and the thieves have been returning to remove fixtures and fitting and lead piping over some period of time.

Whilst there, I noticed a slight bump on the stair carpet, and put my hand underneath the carpet to find a hacksaw, which had presumably been hidden by the thieves. We secured the house and turned off the water. Dad refused to talk about the incident for many years although he does talk about it now. My two brothers found the whole affair creepy and unsettling and recall the incident to this day.

I have thought deeply about the incident for the whole of my life, and drawn the best conclusions I can to explain the incident. I have never had any other unusual Out of Body Experience (OBE) of this type happen since. Neither can I accept that this vivid dream was simply a highly unusual co-incidence.

My own investigation suggests that my experience was not an OBE. I believe that I was receiving information from a single unknown broadcaster, and that this was infact a telepathic experience for four particular reasons:

1) The gate opened to allow me to pass through, as if pushed open.

2) I moved through the gate and across the yard at one height, and the position whilst looking at the gate was higher than my actual height at the time, which suggests the unknown broadcaster was taller than me.

3) The focus of vision moved to the kitchen step as I crossed the yard, just as you would expect, if you were watching where you were putting your feet at night.

4) The experience included strong emotional content (fear) and the imagery was highly relevant to me (it was a house I knew). This in my experience is typical for telepathic type experiences.

I have no explanation as to why I could not see any part of the broadcasters body. I can see why this makes people believe they are ‘disembodied’. Perhaps our visual appearance of our body is added by our brain after the fact, where as in the raw sensory data it is in our peripheral vision and thus hidden, and therefore doesn’t appear in live broadcast telepathic imagery. Or, perhaps we simply don’t understand how vision is created?

I now believe that claims of verified OBE’s are most likely telepathic experiences, and that the popular explanation of them as a disembodied event where your conciousness leaves your body is incorrect.


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