The trouble with F William Engdahl

I really like F William Engdahl, much of his research has opened my eyes on the subjects of geopolitics, energy, and the Anglo-American hegemonic relationship. Although much of what he says is correct, he often omits to mention the actions of other important players in the geopolitical game, in particular Russia, China and Germany.

No doubt, this is one of the reasons why he is such a regular guest on state-owned television broadcaster ‘Russia Today’ (RT), who seems to find what he says highly palatable. Just search for ‘William Engdahl’ on YouTube, and you will find plenty of videos, many of them interviews with William for RT.

I don’t see why the Anglo-American ‘Elites’ he talks about in the main, are any different from Russia ‘Elites’, Chinese ‘Elites’ or indeed German ‘Elites’.

So the next time you read an article by Engdahl, or listen to an interview, remember not just to concentrate on what he say, but also to be aware of what he omits.


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